– North Korea swears revenge

North Korea’s state news agency KCNA reported on Saturday that a number of workers’ organizations had held meetings to “swear revenge on the American imperialists”, writes the news agency Reuters.

They are also said to have accused the United States of starting the Korean War in 1950.

On Saturday, the 72nd anniversary of the start of the Korean War was marked in both South and North Korea.

Condemns American “aggression”

During the celebration, North Korea is said to have condemned what they refer to as “aggression” from the United States and South Korea.

This after South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol and US President Joe Biden in May agreed that more American weapons could be deployed in the south, if there was a need to deter the neighbor in the north.

The reason for this was concern that North Korea was in the process of preparing its first nuclear test in five years.

The United States bans the use of landmines, but makes one exception

Increased tension

The anniversary came in the middle of a time of increased tension between South and North Korea.

The leadership of Pyongyang states, according to the KCNA, that the Americans have pushed this agreement with a goal of provoking a new war.

“Such a rude behavior from the United States breathes life into the anger and revenge of the Korean people,” the statement from the news agency said.

At the same time, during the anniversary celebrations in South Korea, President Yoon stated that he would do his utmost to maintain peace.

“We will maintain a strong security position based on the alliance between South Korea and the United States, as well as a strong military backed by science and technology,” the president wrote on Facebook.

EXPLOSION: North Korean authorities showed the explosion of the cooperation building between South Korea and North Korea in a live TV broadcast. Video: KRT
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Attends NATO summit

On Sunday, it also became clear that President Yoon will hold meetings with other world leaders during the NATO summit in Madrid this week, reports Reuters.

The South Korean president will, among other things, hold meetings with American and Japanese top politicians.

Although the summit, which begins on Wednesday, will focus on the war in Ukraine, it is expected that Yoon will address tense relations with North Korea. He will, according to a spokesman, plan a new international cooperation to meet the threat from the North Korean nuclear program.

Yoon, who was inaugurated in May, will thus be the first South Korean president to attend a NATO meeting. He wants to strengthen cooperation with the defense alliance.

The country, along with Japan, Australia and New Zealand, has been invited to the Spanish capital.