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Sosok.ID – However, a head of state and his family should be respected by others.

Because the head of state and first lady is the form of the nation he leads.

It’s the same with Kim Jong Un and the first lady of North Korea (North Korea) Ri Sol Ju.

They were ‘glorified’ in the North until no one dared to criticize him.

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The relations between the two Korean countries are heating up lately.

In fact, North Korea took extreme steps by blowing up the liaison offices of the two countries in Kaesong.

Also through Kim Jong Un’s younger brother, Kim Yo Jong, they had threatened to mobilize the military, even though the threat was canceled.

Apparently, one of the reasons for the outbreak of the Korean war was because North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un, was furious.

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Kim Jong Un was furious because his wife, Ri Sol Ju, was insulted by defectors in the South Korean region.

During this time the activity of North Korean defectors in South Korea that sent negative propaganda, both through balloons and crossing the river at the border.

Russian Ambassador to the North, Alexander Matsegora, in an interview to TASS revealed what made Kim so angry.

The Daily Mail released Wednesday (1/7/2020), Matsegora, saying it was a leaflet about Kim’s wife, Ri Sol Ju, who was made improper.

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Matsegora said the leaflet, which was launched on May 31, showed provocative images of Ri, causing “great anger” in North Korea.

“The leaflet contains dirty and derogatory propaganda, aimed specifically at the pair of the Supreme Leader,” the Russian ambassador explained.

He explained that the photo was edited “so degrading Ri Sol Ju”, and made the country that embraced the Juche ideology out of patience.

Matsegora’s claim occurred seven years since Ri So Ju was called playing for a pornographic film, and was later distributed by defector activists in 2013.

This article has been published before in Cash with the title

“Apparently, this is what made Kim Jong Un blow up the liaison office of two Koreans”

hot film

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