North Korean leader executes two high school students in front of a crowd for a strange reason!

Translation exclusive North Korea executed two teenagers by firing squad for watching and distributing South Korean films.

The two boys, believed to be between 16 and 17 years old, were shot in front of terrified locals in the city of Haisan, on the border with China. According to the Daily Mail.

Two sources who were forced to witness the executions confirmed what happened to Radio Free Asia.

One of them said: The residents of Haysan gathered in groups on the runway.

One of them said: Residents of Haysan gathered in groups on the amphitheater and continued. The authorities put the two teenage students in front of the public, sentenced them to death, and shot them on the spot.

A source said that anyone caught distributing or selling South Korean films could face the death penalty, even if they are minors.