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Northern Macedonia: name change after dispute with Greece officially – foreign policy

Now it's official: The Republic of Macedonia has officially renamed North Macedonia. The name change of the small Balkan country came into force on Tuesday, as the government in Skopje announced.

With the renaming a decades-long dispute with neighbor Greece was settled. The government in Athens feared that Macedonia could use its name to claim the homonymous region in Greece.

And now? "Raider is now called Twix – nothing else will change?"

▶ ︎ After the name change in northern Macedonia, two important organizations for Germany will soon be added: the European Union and the NATO defense alliance.

Namely, two organizations wanted to join North Macedonia since its independence 27 years ago, which Greece had always vetoed. Only in the summer of last year, both countries agreed on the name change in favor of admission in NATO and EU.

A first success was already in January for North Macedonia: After the parliament in Skopje voted for the name change, the admission of the country into NATO was initiated. As early as 2020, it could be a full member of the influential defense alliance.



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