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Norway, the xenophobic minister has fallen in love with the Iranian refugee: in trouble after a trip to Tehran

ROME – He was xenophobic, he wanted all the immigrants out of his country, then among the faces with oriental features he saw that of Bahareh Letnes, a young Iranian refugee in Norway, as well as former Miss Iran, and has madly fallen in love. Thus against all odds, against any conviction, the Norwegian fisheries minister For Sandberg he suddenly found himself a little more tolerant. At least with regard to what his girlfriend is today.

Long raven hair, deep gaze, Bahareh first arrived in the Scandinavian country when he was 16 years old. For three times he asked for political asylum and was refused three times, so he had to return to Iran until he tried to escape again: the biological father had arranged a forced marriage for her. He finally managed to obtain refugee status only in 2008, also thanks to the perseverance of his adoptive mother.

Despite the distance, the bond between the woman and the native land has always been very strong. Over time, the young woman has also repeatedly represented Iran in various beauty contests, including Miss Iran 2013, Miss Globe Iran 2014 and Miss Grand International Iran of the same year.

And just between one competition and another the two met and liked each other. After a 'patriotic' marriage and three children, the minister questioned her ideas for her. Just him who, in 2003, had said that "races, religions and different cultures should not mix" if you want to have "a harmonious society in Novergia".

Exponent of the Progress Party, Sandberg is known as one of the most ferocious opponents of immigration in Norway. In 1997 he was even convicted of an assault against an asylum seeker.

The list of xenophobic and patriotic statements said in the past is long: local media recall when in 2002 proposed the ban on immigration from countries outside the Schengen area. Or when the following year he proposed electronic chips to prevent asylum seekers from escaping while their request is processed. In 2007, however, the American politician Al Gore declared that he was "a Catholic fundamentalist".

With Bahareh, however, it was different and would do everything for her, even to defend her and defend herself against all the accusations of the opposition. He did so after his beloved opened an import-export company of Norwegian salmon and Iranian caviar or when they went on holiday together in Iran. A journey that has provoked many controversies.

She, being a refugee, could not return to her country, but the two went quietly, with lots of photos posted on social media. This time, however, the accusations of the opposition, and also of some of his party colleagues, have been so hard to push the minister to resign even from the role of deputy head of the Progress Party.

For the opposition that trip has legitimized the repressive government of a country that, moreover, Norway counts among those at risk. The accusation, moreover, is not to have complied with the most basic security rules: Sandbarg has brought Teheran his working cell, exposing Norway to the espionage of the ayatollahs.


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