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RIVM boss Jaap van Dissel has been quite blue about mouth masks. For example, he quoted another Norwegian scientist who, in his opinion, believed that face masks do nothing to prevent a corona infection … and this same scientist now says that the face mask can indeed help and Van Dissel bases it on old information. In good Dutch we say: uncle Jaap stands for monkey.

Today will not be the favorite day of RIVM virus boss Jaap van Dissel. Earlier this week, the OMT member gave a news conference on the resurgence of the coronavirus, emphasizing above all that there was absolutely no need to wear mouth masks. Despite the scientific proof that the man – who is now the corona shadow prime minister – put forward for that statement is downright thin, Van Dissel still had one straw to cling to: a Norwegian study that would show that the face masks only make sense if it is not possible to keep your distance.

But here it comes: One today the leader of the Norwegian investigation sought out himself, and the man stated that his own investigation has since become outdated. He has come to different insights, and now he thinks that mouth masks add the necessary to prevent corona infections:

“In their report, the Norwegians say that face masks are especially recommended if it is difficult to keep a distance. But new insights show that it is indeed good to wear mouth masks more often, says Iversen. “Recent research has shown that there is a larger group of people who are corona carriers but have no symptoms.” Iversen assumed 20 percent, but that group turns out to be double. After the summer, he will also update his research. ”

In short: Jaap van Dissel has based himself on dated research that is no longer correct. Anything not to introduce a measure that helped restrain corona in the rest of the world months ago. No, RIVM, busy!

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