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We advertisers who are still in the market where this vocation will never die, we have these “gurus” of communication as leading professionals. Surely many of today’s young advertisers have not heard of the masters of advertising. These eight creatives who have accumulated tradition in the advertising industry are comparable to Picasso, Albert Einstein, Henry Ford or Neil Armstrong. No one has done as much for advertising as they have. Rest in peace.

His imprint dates from the 40s to the 60s and his campaigns are the basis of any thesis. The 60’s can really teach us a lot about advertising. But, of course, we are no longer in that decade. We live in a different world; if we try to stay in the past, we risk losing the present. Advertising for Hathaway shirts is probably not

it would work today. In the same way that the 1963 San Miguel beer advertisement “More pleasure in meals” with a black and white line design, it was part of another generation that was motivated in the past but that has nothing to do with the current and less with the future. 2023, it’s a different time than 1960. And we can’t change it. Some demographers maintain that “there is a return to traditional values.” Okay, but that doesn’t mean we can go back to the past. Of course we can’t throw the good publicity of the 60’s down the drain. Some of those truths are incontestable and still valid, but only in the context of the 21st century.

Advertising should not be used to sell the manufacturer’s product, it should be used to motivate the sale to the consumer who has changed and will change in future generations. The safest way for the manufacturer and its brand to avoid losing the future is to stay in the present, or worse still, in the past.

Perhaps the reason many entrepreneurs look to golden-age advertising is because there isn’t much creative innovation.

There are learned opinions to choose an Advertising Agency. But that is another story”.

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