Not fit in time – but ÖFB routine remains a back door

Kirchberger, like Schasching, will be on the plane when we fly to England on Thursday. If there are still injuries or corona-related absences, the duo would be ready to move up. So she could still be there through the back door, so to speak.

Austria’s team will play England in the opening match at Old Trafford in their second European Championship appearance after reaching the semi-finals five years ago, starting July 6th, followed by Northern Ireland in Southampton (July 11th) and Norway in Brighton (July 15th). .

Austria squad

Tor: Isabella Kresche, Jasmine Pal, Manuela Zinsberger. Defense: Celina Degen, Marina Georgieva, Verena Hanshaw, Katharina Schiechtl, Viktoria Schnaderbeck, Carina Wenninger, Laura Wienroither. Midfield: Barbara Dunst, Jasmin Eder, Laura Feiersinger, Marie Höbinger, Katharina Naschenweng, Maria Plattner, Sarah Puntigam, Sarah Zadrazil. Attack: Nicole Billa, Stefanie Enzinger, Julia Hickelsberger, Lisa Kolb, Lisa Makas.