As previously reported, in line with market trends, Ferrari has also given in, so it is expected that the first Italian recreational vehicle, the rival Lamborghini Urus, will be unveiled in 2023.

In the form of a pre-production model, several images of the Purosangue crossover have been leaked, which were later deleted, but more details about the model have been revealed in recent days. Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna has confirmed to Reuters that a V12 engine will drive the new SUV. “We looked at several options, but it was clear that the V12 was the right choice for the market in terms of performance and driving experience,” Vigna said, but did not disclose further details.

However, in its article, CarBuzz notes that this is an interesting shift in Ferrari’s attitude, as the Maranello brand has begun to produce smaller and smaller engines in recent years due to emissions regulations – in fact, the 812 has fallen victim to this.

Similar recreational cars such as the Urus or Aston Martin DBX are only available with a V8 engine, although for the British brand, many expected a V12 drive. Tobias Moers, then CEO of Aston Martin, justified the decision with an unfavorable weight distribution.

According to the specialist portal, it cannot be ruled out that the Ferrari Purosangue will be available not only with V12 but also with other engines, such as a turbocharged V8, but even with a hybrid drive.