Not just beans and cabbage but these foods would cause a stiff, swollen, gas-filled belly and irritate the intestines

Once again we return to underline the importance of being aware of what we put on the table every day. While it is true that the constant consumption of certain foods, such as legumes and vegetables, is beneficial to health, it is always necessary to consider the undesirable effects. This is a speech that is even more valid if we are among those subjects who suffer from irritable bowel.

This is a common and widespread ailment that mostly affects women causing ailments that are sometimes simply embarrassing, in other cases really annoying. The irritated intestine, in fact, could manifest itself with symptoms such as constipation, diarrhea or both, together with annoying intestinal gas.

This bloated sensation is really uncomfortable and in some cases it could cause swelling and pain in the abdominal area. However, it is not only the infamous beans or cabbages that cause this discomfort but also some wrong foods and attitudes.

Good habits

Let’s start by saying that keeping the body hydrated is always a good habit. Drinking at least 2 liters of water a day is a solution that helps deflate the belly and eliminate excess gas. Furthermore, we could integrate body hydration with herbal teas and drinks useful for this purpose. In matcha tea, for example, we could find a faithful ally that would not only deflate the belly but purify the liver by lowering cholesterol.

However, in an effort to lower cholesterol or purify the liver, many eat well-known foods for this purpose. Among these, for example, we mention artichokes, asparagus or some fruits such as watermelon and apples. These foods, although rich in vegetable fibers, are included in the category of so-called FODMAPs, or poorly digestible fermentable foods.

These foods being rich in monosaccharides and oligosaccharides would favor abdominal bloating by fermenting and attracting water in the intestine.

Not just beans and cabbage but these foods would cause a stiff, swollen, gas-filled belly and irritate the intestines

Together with these, then, other fermented products such as yogurt and, it goes without saying, carbonated drinks, even worse if alcoholic such as beer, would be inadvisable.

Instead, what is suggested by the experts is the consumption of some specific foods such as rice, potatoes, bananas and aubergines.

Finally, a good momentum remains important, which stimulates intestinal motility and the elimination of excess gas.

However, medical advice remains essential to find the best solution which could vary from one subject to another.

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