Not many know, all vehicles will be affixed with hologram stickers

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. The Korlantas Polri together with Jasa Raharja and the Directorate General of Regional Finance at the Ministry of Home Affairs officially presented the innovation of digitizing the vehicle tax (road tax). This is done in line with the rapid era of digitalization.

What does it mean? So, every motorized vehicle, whether car or motorcycle, will be installed with a holographic sticker equipped with 18 QR Codes. In the future, paper prints of proof of payment of motor vehicle tax obligations and mandatory contributions to road traffic accident funds will turn into holographic stickers.

The Director of Risk Management and Information Technology of Jasa Raharja Amos Sampetoding said, this hologram sticker will be equipped with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) instruments.

So, the police can find out easily the owners of motorized vehicles who are obedient to paying taxes or doing fines digitally.

“With this innovation, it is possible to further develop a modern road payment system, both for toll payment transactions, parking, and so on without contacting officers for assistance,” he said in a written statement, Monday (1/11/2021).

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The related steps are the implementation and utilization of advanced technology in the One Roof Administration System (Samsat).

It is believed that this road tax digitalization innovation will open up further development, including integrating it with the JRKu application.

Previously, the JRKu application had also been used by the Korlantas Polri by synergizing the Electronic Traffic Law Enforcement (ETLE) system and e-ticketing.

“Of course we support it because it can increase local taxes as well. This is our control function and a more effective mechanism for vehicle marking,” said Head of the National Police Traffic Corps, Inspector General Istiono.

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The holographic sticker in its implementation will later be installed on the top/bottom left or top right of the windshield.

Measuring 60 millimeters long and 90 millimeters wide, the sticker has the National Police and Jasa Raharja logo, police number, vehicle type, validity period, barcode, and a color that changes every year.

Drivers who are late or do not complete their obligations in paying Motor Vehicle Tax (PKB) are prepared to be subject to fines. Because now it’s easier for police officers to catch them.

In addition to electronic ticketing or Electronic Traffic Law Enforcement (ETLE), in the near future, hologram safety stickers will also be applied as a digitization program as a result of collaboration between the Ministry of Home Affairs, Korlantas Polri, and PT Jasa Raharja.

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So, proof of payment of PKB and the Mandatory Contribution of Traffic Accident Funds (SWDKLLJ) will be a digital sticker format with a QR Code. The hologram sticker was recorded on the Samsat computer server.

“Through the provision of this sticker, it will greatly assist officers in the field to control motorized vehicles that do not meet their tax obligations,” said the National Police Chief of Traffic, Inspector General Pol Istiono, Monday (10/18/2021).

Because, he continued, every year the color of the sticker will change. Thus, it is very easy for officers to identify vehicles that have or have not paid taxes.

It doesn’t stop there, the related QR Code will also be developed with the RIFD instrument to make it easier for the police to do ticketing digitally.

“In addition, the sticker also makes it easier for law enforcement to detect duplicate vehicle number plates,” said Istiono again.

The sanctions that will be imposed are guided by Law Number 22 of 2009 concerning Road Traffic and Transportation (LLAJ) related to documents or driving equipment.

Then, related motorists will also be subject to tax penalties according to the regulations in their respective regions.

Specifically for the Jakarta area, it is stated in Regional Regulation No. 6 of 2010 concerning General Provisions for Regional Taxes (KUPD).

Article 12 (6) explains that if the payment of tax is due after the payment due as referred to in paragraph (1), paragraph (2) and paragraph (3) is subject to late interest of 2 percent every month for fines imposed on vehicle owners who are late. pay taxes for a maximum of 24 months or two years with a total fine of 48 percent.

Meanwhile, vehicle owners who are more than one year late in paying taxes cannot be done at outlets or online. Management must be done at the central Samsat.

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