“Not on the backs of athletes”

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Created: 11/24/2022 2:06 p.m


DFB Vice President Steffen Schneekloth. © Arne Dedert/dpa/Archivbild

DFB Vice President Steffen Schneekloth sees the DFB’s move away from wearing the “One Love” armband at the World Cup in Qatar as the right decision at this point in time. “Association-political facts and disputes must not be carried out on the backs of the athletes,” said the president of the second division soccer team Holstein Kiel the “Kieler Nachrichten” (Thursday).

Kiel – “For every footballer who takes part in a World Cup, it is probably the biggest sporting event of his career. That has to be respected.”

However, FIFA’s announcement of sanctions seemed “arbitrary, landlord-like and non-transparent, like apparently many processes within FIFA,” said the lawyer. Schneekloth sees the DFB and the other Western European associations as partly to blame for the muddled situation. “I think that the problem was not fully recognized in advance and it was perhaps naïve for the football associations to think that FIFA would not react to the announcement that they would wear the ‘One Love’ armband.” Associations had previously “needed to publicly position themselves against possible sanctions announced by FIFA”. dpa