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Gridhot.ID – If the levels are too high, cholesterol in the bloodstream can be very harmful to the body.

High cholesterol can increase the risk of heart disease, stroke and poor blood circulation.

Citing, some carbohydrate foods can be a way to lower cholesterol and keep it ideally less than 200 mg/dL.

Carbohydrates are divided into 2 categories, namely complex carbohydrates (based on whole foods) and simple carbohydrates (based on processed foods).

According to Eating Well, complex carbohydrates are usually free of added sugar, full of essential nutrients, and contain more fiber than most simple carbohydrates. For example:

  • Whole grains
  • Fruits
  • Starchy vegetables
  • Nuts
  • Legumes

Meanwhile, simple carbohydrates usually have been through a lot of processing, lower in fiber, and micronutrients. For example:

  • Pastry
  • Candy
  • Pretzel
  • white bread
  • Drinks with added sugar, such as soda and sweet tea.

Some research suggests that eating a low-carb diet may have cholesterol-lowering benefits.

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However, that does not mean we must be 100 percent free of carbohydrates.

There are a number of the best carbohydrates that can play a role in lowering cholesterol.

Here are some of the best carbohydrate foods to lower cholesterol:

1. Plums


Illustration of figs or figs

Citing Eating Well, there was research in the Journal of Medicinal Food about postmenopausal women who ate about 5-6 prunes daily for 6 months and offered cardiovascular health outcomes, including:

  • Increases good cholesterol (HDL)
  • Lowers the ratio of total cholesterol to HDL

Another clinical study found that consuming plums may play a positive role in the regulation of gut microflora.

In turn, it may lower total cholesterol levels among people with slightly elevated cholesterol.

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2. Canned fruit

Quoting Eat This, figs or figs are not only very good for improving bone health, but are also beneficial for lowering cholesterol thanks to their soluble fiber content.

“Three to five dried cans (40 grams) provide 100 calories and 4 grams of fiber, including soluble fiber along with calcium, potassium, and magnesium,” said physician Toby Amidor.

Research in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has linked soluble fiber to its ability to help lower total and LDL cholesterol.

3. Oat

Citing Eating Well, eating oats may be one of the best ways to lower cholesterol.

This is thanks to the unique beta-glucan fiber it contains. Beta-glucan is a polysaccharide that acts as a water-soluble dietary fiber.

This fiber binds to bad cholesterol (LDL) and helps eliminate it before it is absorbed by the body.

In one meta-analysis evaluating 28 studies, results showed that adding at least 3 grams of oats per day could reduce LDL cholesterol by 10 mg/dL.

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4. Potato

Potatoes are one of the starchy vegetables (contains carbohydrates).

Quoting Eating Well, each serving of potatoes fuels our bodies with soluble fiber.

Soluble fiber can reduce the absorption of cholesterol into our bloodstream, which means it is beneficial for lowering cholesterol.

In particular, purple potatoes offer additional cholesterol-lowering benefits thanks to their anthocyanin content.

Anthocyanins are a type of flavonoid, a sub-group of a large group of polyphenolic compounds in plants, which give plants their purple color.

5. Call

Citing Eating Well, apples are a natural source of various polyphenols and fiber, factors that naturally support heart health.

Apples are also sodium -free and saturated fat -free, and offer a sweet taste without added sugar.

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Among the nutrients found in apples, there is pectin which helps prevent cholesterol from being absorbed into the bloodstream.

A study evaluating people with low cholesterol showed that they have a habit of consuming 2 apples every day, so that it can lower LDL cholesterol in their blood.

Quoting Eat This, pectin is found in the skin of apples, so it is better not to peel the skin while enjoying this fruit.

6. Peanuts

Citing Eating Well, nuts not only provide energy-supporting carbohydrates, but also provide fiber, plant-based protein, antioxidants and many other nutrients that support heart health.

A 2021 study in the Journal of Nutrition concluded that eating 180 grams of canned nuts daily for 4 weeks can lower total and LDL cholesterol in adults.

“Nuts provide carbohydrates along with protein and vegetable fiber, making them a superstar in the nutrition department,” says medical expert Lauren Manaker as quoted by Eat This.

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7. Berries

Citing Eating Well, various berries have the potential to really help manage cholesterol levels in the blood.

In fact, many studies have shown that eating berries is consistently associated with the benefits of lowering total and LDL cholesterol as well as increasing HDL cholesterol.

Berries are packed with fiber, vitamins, antioxidants, and other nutrients, making them one of the best foods for overall health.

8. Pure orange juice

Citing Eating Well, the choice of drinks is equally important to achieve healthy cholesterol levels.

If you want to drink something other than water, pure orange juice is a great choice to support health goals compared to sugary drinks.

An observational data show that adults who drink orange juice will have lower total and LDL cholesterol levels.

Other research supports that people who like to drink pure orange juice in the long term tend to have lower levels of total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol.

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