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In the last hours, cesíastudent of the Academy, generated controversy after some comments he made about Lolita Cortés. The participant’s statements were released after the concert on Saturday and according to some Internet users, the Honduran stroke to the show’s judge.

The comments were given when the students of La Academia were inside the kitchen of the house talking about how they had done in the concert of the first part of the final of the program. In the talk, the Honduran makes a controversial commentsince some Internet users claim that he insulted the judgewhile others report that he said “how great she«, but because of his accent the phrase is confused.

After this controversial phrase, Cesia said “She’s crazy”. Ruby replied immediately, “Don’t say that.” However, the Honduran reiterates that Lolita is crazy and that the world is not for the sane, words that everyone agreed on.

Shortly after Cesia clarified that she said “cool” and not the other word that refers to rudeness. However, the comment caused controversy on social networks and several Internet users commented on the word said by the participant.

Other artists who have criticized Lola Cortés

the influencer paco de miguelwho had a brief participation in The Academy, was one of the celebrities who attacked the attitude of the judge; this after during her segment in the program, Lolita ignored a joke and assured that she was not interested.

Through social networks, Paco de Miguel wrote: “The mistake was mine for lending myself to that type of circus.”

For its part, Paola Gómez, actress of “Lies: the musical” also launched against Lola Cortésafter the judge – who also participated in the musical – expressed that for artists like her, they think that “musical comedy people don’t know how to do anything.”

In this regard, Gómez wrote on Twitter: The saddest thing is that he tells so many lies, when the only thing he has received from me is love and company. doHow many times did I save you on stage in Lies @lolacortesreal? Of course you already forgot that… but I don’t forget how badly you treated my niece in Toc Toc, an actress who was just starting out. It makes me very sad that you talk about me and my friends like that. You know that’s not true.”

Paola Gómez spoke about the attitude of Lola Cortés. Photo: screenshot

Finally, José Manuel López Velarde, author and Mexican theater director spoke out against the attitude of the judge of the Academy. Through her social networks she said: «Lola Cortés fascinated me in the first musical I saw, Que Plantón. Later not so much and then without my approval Lies came in, it was kind, but impossible to direct and it was much longer than her ». she should have. , she could no longer sing and it seemed to me that she was just being exposed ».

José Manuel López Velarde attacked Lolita. Photo: screenshot

He pointed out that Cortés’s work is in decline and now he lives exposing himself. “She was not going to say anything because in general I have the philosophy of not feeding the bully and she is more than ‘the queen of musicals’, she is the queen of the bullies, the caricature that she invented swallowed her ”.

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