Not only diet and exercise to lose weight but also this small and ingenious trick

Now that the holidays are over, if we try to get on the scales we could have some nasty surprises. In fact, the binges of the past few weeks, rich in panettone, cotechini and other very caloric foods, have probably made us lose our shape a bit.

For this reason, one of the good resolutions for the New Year is to lose weight. It is not an easy task and in fact many leave after a few weeks, however, as it affects our health, it is important to continue with determination.

So let’s see a useful tip for shedding a few pounds. This is a very simple action, but it can help us and complement a healthy life. Not only diet and exercise to lose weight but also this small and ingenious trick, let’s get to know it.

Expert advice

The good news is the Veronesi Foundation, which indicates that a simple action before meals could help you lose weight. The Foundation talks about a study by the University of Birmingham, which gave a very interesting result. In fact, it seems that simply drinking water before meals can help you lose weight.

The University experiment consisted of taking 84 adults suffering from obesity and dividing them into two groups. The first group was told to drink half a liter of water half an hour before each meal. The second group, on the other hand, was told not to take anything before eating, but simply to sit at the table imagining that they had a full stomach.

Not only diet and exercise to lose weight but also this small and ingenious trick

The results were very clear. After three months of studies, it was found that those who drank water before meals lost on average almost one and a half pounds more than others. For some people, the weight loss has been really substantial.

This result could then make our diet lighter, knowing that such a simple action could help lose weight. However, the Veronesi Foundation warns: it is not just drinking water that you lose weight. Physical activity and a healthy and balanced diet are essential to get back in shape. In addition, there are people with certain health problems, especially kidney and endocrine problems, who should instead avoid drinking too much water.

In short, a few glasses of water could help us, but let’s always contact a specialist to understand if this is the correct way for us.


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