Not only to help defend North Natuna, the US wants to make Indonesia a maritime pedestal to fight China – The United States, aka the US, will help Indonesia defend North Natuna from China’s threats.

Therefore, the US is increasingly approaching Indonesia because they need assistance to fight China in North Natuna and the Indo Pacific.

The US plan is to gather all countries that have maritime problems due to China’s Nine Dash Line claims, such as Indonesia in North Natuna, the Philippines and Vietnam.

The US also provided assistance to Malaysia and Brunei, which were also affected by China’s claims.

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In Malaysia, for example, the US provided an assistance package in the form of upgrading the CN-235 TUDM into a maritime patrol version.

This upgrade was carried out in Indonesia and Malaysia received benefits from the US due to its conflict with China.

The most highlighted is actually US aid to Vietnam.

As is known if Vietnam is a former enemy of the US in the Cold War era.