Not Ordinary Magic, Peruqyah Says Iqlima Kim Is Affected By Hasad Ain

IntipSeleb – Based on Story Instagram shared by Iqlima Kim, he was found to have undergone ruqyah treatment. He also shared the figure of a cleric who helped him cure the disease.

In a different upload, Ustaz Salman, the person who meruqyah Iqlima Kim, said the woman who was a former personal assistant (aspri) of Hotman Paris had indications of being infected. hasad ain. Curious about Iqlima Kim’s condition? Follow the full story below.

Iqlima Kim Jalani Ruqyah

Photo: Instagram/iqlimakim_

Iqlima Kim openly shared a portrait of herself while being diruqyah by one of the Ustaz named Salman. Iqlima mentioned that the location where he underwent the ruqyah treatment was located in the Sukabumi area. This he shared, based on the information of Iqlima, because many people asked questions about where he underwent ruqyah.

“For those who asked me yesterday to ruqyah with which cleric,” revealed Iqlima Kim in Story Instagram was launched by IntipSeleb on Thursday, May 19, 2022.

“Ustaz @salmanhidayatsp is located in Sukabumi, God willing, you can be called out of town too,” continued Iqlima.

Sang Ustaz Sebut Iqlima Kim Terkena Hasad Ain


Photo : Instagram/salmanhidayatsp

Ustaz Salman, peruqyah of Iqlima Kim, said that pure Iqlima has indications of being affected hasad ain. Hasad ain This can attack anyone, especially public figures.

This, said the Ustaz, because not only are many idolized, but not a few who hate public figures. That’s the comment of the Ustaz.

This sister of ours is purely an indication that she has been hit by HASAD AIN, in which this Hasad Ain can attack anyone, especially public figures.“explained Ustaz Salman on his Instagram.

Hasan ain this is said to be more evil than ordinary magic. Not only can damage a person’s mind, hasad ain can also damage the life and body of the person.

Hasad more evil than any magic, not only destroying the mental but damaging the life and body, “continued the Ustaz.

However, now Iqlima Kim has recovered. This was confirmed directly by Ustaz Salman in his upload. Iqlima, as the Ustaz said, already looks fitter.

Alhamdulillah, the power of Allah, #iqlimakim is healthy and fit and his face looks brighter,” concluded Ustaz Salman. (rth)