Not Paying Debt, BLBI Task Force Seizes Golf Course Besan Setnov – Chairman of the Bank Indonesia Liquidity Assistance Task Force (BLBI) Rionald Silaban again confiscated assets related to obligor PT Bank Asia Pacific on behalf of Setiawan Harjono and Hendrawan Haryono and affiliated parties.

“This is something that we owe to solve the BLBI problem since 1998,” Rionald said BetweenThursday (23/6/2022).

“Therefore, it is an honor for all of us here with the presence of the Coordinating Minister that the government is taking firm action to return what is rightfully the government’s, let this be something that we return to the people,” said Rio again.

Setiawan Harjono himself is none other than the former chairman of the DPR RI, Setya Novanto (Setnov), a Golkar Party politician who is currently in prison for a corruption case.

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The confiscated assets were in the form of land on behalf of PT Bogor Raya Development, PT Asia Pacific Permai, and PT Bogor Real Estatindo covering an area of ​​89.01 hectares along with a golf course and two hotels on it, which are located in Sukaraja Village, Sukaraja District, Bogor Regency, Java. West.

The initial estimate of the value of the confiscated assets was approximately IDR 2 trillion. The management and operational activities of the hotel and golf club that stood on top of the confiscated will not change, nor will the employees in it.

The BLBI Task Force has collected Setiawan Harjono and Hendrawan Haryono, but both of them did not complete their obligations according to the applicable regulations, so the Task Force through the State Receivables Affairs Committee confiscated the obligations of PT Bank Aspac.

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The confiscation was also attended by the Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Mahfud MD and the Head of the Criminal Investigation Department Komjen Pol Agus Andrianto.

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This confiscation was carried out as an effort to settle state claims for BLBI funds from obligor PT Bank Asia Pacific in the amount of Rp. 3.58 trillion which did not include Administrative Fees for Managing State Receivables.

The BLBI Task Force will continue to make continuous efforts to ensure the return of state collection rights through a series of measures such as blocking, confiscation, and selling the obligor’s or debtor’s assets which are collateral or other assets owned by the obligor or debtor who have so far received BLBI funds.

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