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original title: not perfect, but it works!Arsenal officially announce the signing of Jorginho to fight for the Premier League title

Official news from the Arsenal club, the team signed the 31-year-old Italian midfielderJorginho(Chelsea), signed by both partiesa year and a halfwith a one-year renewal clause.

Jorginho doesn’t need to move for this transfer, from a big6 in London to another big6. After joining Arsenal, Jorginho will wear the number 20 jersey this season.According to Romano, Jorginho’s transfer fee from Chelsea to Arsenal is£10 million + £2 million floatingthe player’s current value in Germany is as high as40 million euros

Why did Arsenal introduce the 31-year-old Jorginho in the winter window?? Let’s take a look at the standings of the Premier League. Arsenal ranked first with 19 games, 16 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss with 50 points, and 5 points more than the second place Manchester City in one game less. The perfect time for the Premier League title. Arsenal hoped to spend a lot of money to introduce Caicedo in the winter window, but Brighton refused to trade. In order to ensure the bench reserve for the championship, Arsenal urgently “replenish the waist” and signed Jorginho.

Personal opinion, Jorginho is not very good, but it works for Arsenal. First of all, there is not much time left for Arsenal to sign in during the winter window. It is very pragmatic to sign Jorginho, who is worth 40 million euros, for 10 million pounds. The ability to pass and control is outstanding, and he is familiar with the Premier League. Arsenal need to rotate properly for the championship. Jorginho will be an important rotation player, which can increase the team’s competitiveness in the Premier League championship.Return to Sohu to see more


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