Not Trump or the US, Xi Jinping & Putin are predicted to lead the world

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – There is an interesting prediction from one of the observers that was published in Washington Post then quoted CNN International. In the observer’s writing, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping will take over world leadership and change the global order.

This prediction was delivered by David Ignatius, a senior media journalist. The two powerful countries, he said, would take advantage especially if the 45th US President Donald Trump failed in the November elections.

Both Putin and Xi Jinping, he said, benefited from the inconsistencies of the policies created by Trump while leading the US. Even the position of the most influential country in the world may no longer be held by the land of Uncle Sam.

For example, regarding US “resistance” when under pressure. The US is under heavy scrutiny when reports say Russia has paid the Taliban for killing U.S. troops in Afghanistan.

Where the US did not respond decisively to it While the Russian Embassy in Washington and the Taliban have denied the claim clearly.

Changes in world order became even more possible, after Putin and Xi established themselves as “eternal” presidents in their respective countries. As is known Putin is now likely to return to the presidency of Russia, with the constitutional changes he recently made.

While Xi Jinping has been doing that for days in 2018. Where China has lifted the restructuring of the office twice a period or twice in five years.

“Putin is in the service business. He believes the US is destroying his former country, the Soviet Union. He likes the US to feel pain,” Ignatius said in his writing, quoted Thursday (07/09/2020).

“He now has many years for extra retribution.”

The same thing was expressed by a former senior US officer. Although Trump is very frightening in a number of countries but the two leaders have “eternal office” as a mainstay card.

“Putin (for example) outperformed him (Trump in the election),” CNN wrote citing sources.

According to Robert Blackwill in his analysis for the Council on Foreign Relations, if Trump does not win the election later, there will be a lot of homework for the new US president,

In relations with China, for example, the president must persuade Beijing, through US power, a more capable alliance, and smart diplomacy. “That the US will continue to grow stronger in Asia with its allies and friends, and will strongly face unstable Chinese actions,” he said.

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