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Not yet here, Europacity already worries the traders

This is a very special survey, which was only addressed to managers or store managers who will be in the impact zone of the Europacity shopping center project, planned by the Auchan group in Gonesse (France). -d'Oise). If it is of course – envisaged for 2024, its opening was postponed to 2027. The association of traders Europasdutout commissioned it with the support of the Federation of the markets of France, the National Federation of the centers-towns and the Confederation of traders of France.

Today, these shopkeepers shop in the streets, shopping centers or markets of Aulnay, Tremblay, Drancy, La Courneuve, Bourget, Dugny, Villepinte, Sevran, Gonesse, Roissy, Arnouville, Villiers-le- Bel and Garges-lès-Gonesse. Tomorrow, they are certain, their turnover will collapse, their activity will be in danger and they will be forced to fire.

Thus, when asked about the impact of Europacity for them, they are 92% to fear a decrease in their turnover, which seems almost safe for them. And 34% think that they may have to put the key under the door. Finally, 25% also believe that they will probably have to make redundancies.

Beyond their particular case, do traders lend positive effects to the arrival of this extraordinary equipment for the sector? Not really. While the attraction of the tourist is the raison d'être of Europacity, only 46% of respondents give it this quality. But three quarters of them are convinced that the consequences on the environment and traffic will be bad.


Nothing surprising, we could say. But the survey also highlights a request full of common sense: that the coherence of all projects in this north-eastern part of the Paris region (CDG Express, subway line 17, Olympic infrastructure, Roissy-CDG terminal 4) be put to public debate.

In general, 57% of respondents believe that the situation of local commerce has deteriorated over the last ten years. Europacity would be a blow on the head. If it happens … After annual results in the red for the first time in its existence (a billion euros of losses), the Auchan group will he continue the adventure? At the head of the group, which has been the bearer since the beginning of this project but also accounting for the recent deficit, Vianney Mulliez, nephew of the founder Gérard, would see his legitimacy more and more challenged within the group's family.

In addition, in recent times, the project has accumulated the pitfalls: opening of the train station Triangle de Gonesse on line 17 delayed three years while the direct link with Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle was pushed back six, cancellation of the PLU of Gonesse. Auchan's association with the Chinese group Wanda is another uncertainty. Will the Chinese let the project fall or, conversely, does the project still stand because they are there?

Sibylle Vincendon



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