Not zamyukali: in Syzran canceled the exhibition of cats due to quarantine


17 May 2018, Thursday, 18:40

In connection with the rabies quarantine declared in Syzran, an exhibition of cats of rare breeds was canceled in the city. This was reported by the organizers of the exposition in the VKontakte group referring to the resolution of the governor of the Samara region. Recall, restrictive measures were introduced for a period of two months on July 15 because of the death of the dog that the fox bitten in the neighboring region. The exhibition “Federation of cats” was to be held in the shopping center “Mongora”, and the fluffy exhibits had already arrived in Syzran. The organizers announced the transfer of the meowing vernissage to July. Now in our city there is a free vaccination of animals against rabies. The first vaccine was given to pets living in the vicinity of the dead dog.
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