Notary Glashuetten – Chancellery Christoph Berke

right of inheritance

Inheritance law is often something that many people suddenly have to deal with, for example when a heritage pending. In view of the circumstances, it is often difficult to deal carefully with the details of inheritance law.

I will advise you and your family in detail and accompany you through the necessary steps. Just make sure you all legal deadlines follow to achieve your desired result. If you e.g. For example, if you want to turn down an inheritance due to debts, you only have a relatively short period of time to do so.

In the same way, a notary can help you Testament to compose. as testator you can add e.g. B.

  • Designate people outside your family as heirs
  • have their own requirements
  • particular disinherit people

It pays to draw up a will early and without haste. I would be happy to help you to draw up your will in such a way that it is legally correct and that everything is regulated in your interest in the event of inheritance. I support you sensitively and competently in all matters relating to inheritance law.

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