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Notary Mary is suing her former publisher for hundreds of millions

by archyw

Nótár Mary he may breathe: the court has finally given him justice in the lawsuit between him and his former management.

Today, Mary is once again in control of her own music career Photo: Bors

At the end of years of litigation, it was proved that his personal freedom was indeed restricted on the day he came to his then manager to make an agreement. However, the singer is not satisfied with that much.

He would also like the court to hear the dismissal lawsuit filed against him by management. The company, as the singer says, demanded HUF 88 million from Mary, citing a loss of revenue.

Ezt the case was suspended by the court on the grounds that they were awaiting the conclusion of the criminal case. The singer now wants to be told she doesn’t belong to her previous management. In fact, he is filing a counterclaim against them, claiming he has been proven to have suffered hundreds of millions in losses by banning the release of his clips for years and also tricking with record sales.

The singer and her lawyer won the first battle in the legal warfare Photo: Bors

Notary Mary, however, says that money is not the point in this fight.

For years, they set me up as if I was some kind of alcohol and drug addict crazy, and of course it was also called a fiction to lock me up and keep me in their house by force. Now country-world can see that I told the truth since they were condemnedSaid Borssal Mary, who now does not want to stop.

“The dance is far from over. We have also asked the court to continue the proceedings on their ridiculous claim against me, as this could shed light on several cases. According to them, they have suffered eighty million in damages, but the verdict shows that they were not deterred by anything when it came to me ”.

Mary wants to recover from her previous management the huge amount she has lost since the scandal erupted.

“I am suing them because they have been harmed by at least one hundred million forints, not to mention the moral damage I have suffered. It’s no coincidence that I haven’t had a gold or platinum record in recent years because they’ve been tricked back into the network they operate, but that will be discovered by the court, ”explained the amusing star, who has been“ smashing ”a platinum record since independence.

Mary would also like to receive redress for the mental wounds she claimed was caused by her publisher not only to her but also to her family members.

Ever since I stood up for myself and said I wasn’t happy with the way finances are handled, they made my life hell. They and my family were constantly harassed and threatened as well. I literally lived in terror because after I was detained, I couldn’t know when they were hurting me or someone I loved. I have suffered very serious mental injuries and these wounds will never heal again. To this day, it’s hard to talk about this, and I often have nightmares about it as well. And the judgment will not help them either”Mary told Bors, who has been managing her music career herself for some time.

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