And so it is at school – as there is nothing interesting and new, the teacher goes back, the old material is negotiated and in the end he can test. We have noted several times our astonishment at how the European sports media analyze the same thing every time, which is repeated with a certain cyclicity. During Guardiola’s time in Barcelona, ​​it was not easy for his colleagues from Mundo Deportivo every week, even twice a week to write about how the Catalan team with tiki-ta crushes everything and doesn’t even give the ball to others to play a little. What about the British? Is it the same thing with Klopp since Liverpool? And in Germany with Bayern it is the worst.

So we have been wondering for several months how to start writing after a significant match in Ludogorets. We spin, we suck, we confuse the stocks with special phrases and artistic expressions, but at some point things go on to repeat the material, just like in school.

Plamen Iliev dropped out of the national team

The goalkeeper has a physical problem

Nothing new under the Razgrad sun, this is not an appropriate title, because someone will literally get caught and note that the match with Tottenham is played on artificial lighting. If we write “Sun”, because of the capital letter, someone will immediately think that the Sun King is the object of personal attention and criticism. In fact, the sun is a way of governing in Razgrad.

As noted by Zevzets – Ludogorets again played well until the first goal. It was clear that the opponent would take it seriously. Jose Mourinho never jokes about football.

You remember Bruno Akrapovich, who had not slept after the match with Tottenham this summer in Plovdiv, after the Portuguese coach told him how much he knew about Loko. And certainly Mourinho has explored Ludogorets with even finer details, because as he himself noted – 9 consecutive titles, this is not a joke.

Jose jumped like a scald with hot water in the 20th second of the match in Razgrad and started waving and gesturing, because apparently something from the intelligence did not correspond to reality. And in just a minute, Harry Kane was one hundred percent. As we have noted in recent months, Ludogorets is absent from the matches in the first minutes. We will not negotiate much of the material, we will note the most striking – Loko Plovdiv made 3 goal positions in Razgrad for the first 15 minutes of the match.

Coronavirus in the double of Ludogorets

The players have been quarantined, new tests have been made

Prince Harry had obviously decided to score his goal number 200 for Tottenham in Razgrad and he was probably told these days that in the beginning Ludogorets did not have them at all, so after a while he hit the crossbar and a little later, the third time, the pitcher broke. .

The problem with the postponed start, as if it were a washing machine or another kitchen appliance, in Razgrad was clearly observed in Pavel Varba, it does not change in Stanislav Genchev.

In general, it was much easier for Tottenham now than for Lauta. Ludogorets had to play like Loko in a tight spot, Akrapovich approached correctly because an English team wants spaces, not like a Spanish team to break through. But the problem of Ludogorets is that it cannot play densely, it does not know how to collect the lines. Over the years, the team from Razgrad has always played openly, even against the biggest teams in Europe. But there are times when the situation just requires it. The third goal in the door of Plamen Iliev, his teammates will understand it in a week. In a second, five players in white were against 4 in green and this is the 35th meter in front of the door of Ludogorets, which is unacceptable. Tottenham made a brutal overflow, the difference in these 2-3 seconds was cosmic. And for the most part, the English team played at a maximum of 40 percent of its potential. Even the average Bulgarian taxpayer could ask – why the public BNT broadcasts Tottenham’s training at the most watched time.

Ludogorets made a valuable gift to the boss of Tottenham

Daniel Levy watched the match between the two teams live

Overall, Ludogorets on Thursday night was the complete antithesis of Ludogorets at the San Siro this year, when Pavel Varba’s team scored a goal for Inter after nearly 40 consecutive passes. Now that had nothing to do with it. And we dare to say that soon there will be none, only players and coaches change, and no development. Ludogorets continues to descend and is moving further and further away from its highest point. And it is no coincidence that in three matches in the groups of the Europa League, his rivals created about 30 goal positions.


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