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Notre-Dame: among politicians, the arrows contest

By World Cup time, 66 million coaches have a point of view on the ball behind their television. When it comes to rebuilding Notre-Dame de Paris, ravaged by the fire on Monday night, the country suddenly becomes a "People of builders" and commentators. The politicians are not left out, discovering for two days the vocations of architect or master builder. Should we replace the arrow and the frame in the same way or innovate? Can we restore the cathedral in five years or does it take longer? Candidates for European, parliamentary, ministers and President may be a priori profane in Gothic reconstruction, many of them express their preference, without having really taken the time to look at the procedures, legislative constraints, technical requirements and opinions of experts.

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In this respect, it is the executive tandem who took charge of the project. Tuesday evening in his speech, Emmanuel Macron orders a rebuilt cathedral "In five years" – "we can," does he assume – and "More beautiful still". The next day, Edouard Philippe announces the launch of a "International Architecture Competition on the reconstruction of the spire". And the prime minister wonders: "Should I rebuild an arrow? Alike ? Adapted to the techniques and issues of our time? " And what are the exact "Stakes of our time" about the cathedral spiers? In the evening, Emmanuel Macron, decidedly very involved, specifies the specifications in a statement, wishing that"A contemporary architectural gesture can be envisaged".

"Mania of disruption"

Follows a passionate debate, mainly taken by the right and the extreme right who cry sacrilege and want their cathedral as it is. As if the conservative-progressive divide that LREM wants to theorize in politics was worth at least on the heritage side. Posting on Twitter an article from Parisian who asks the question "Should we rebuild Our Lady exactly?", the president of the party Republicans (LR), Laurent Wauquiez, responds of a laconic "Yes". Leader of the European LR list, François-Xavier Bellamy calls "Our leaders to regain a little humility" and let the professionals "Trained for this, architects, craftsmen, companions". However, the candidate goes on his warning: "It would be tragic for the mourning of destruction to be succeeded by the mania of disruption, and the pride of the" new world "now denatures the best of the old instead of transmitting it". As for Bruno Retailleau, the leader of the senators LR launches a call for an online consultation to let the French decide on the architectural project, pleading on his side so that the "Fruit of the faith of the builders" is "not the prisoner" of the stakes of our time "".

In the camp of pro-Viollet-le-Duc, the president of the National Rally, Marine Le Pen, relays on Twitter, the hashtag #paintednotredame while its head of list, Jordan Bardella, claims on LCI of"Stop a little delirium" refusing a "Sort of thing of contemporary art, of modern art". His rival of France's standing, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan shouts to the "disfigurement" and calls to sign a petition for "To rebuild Our Lady as we inherited it".

"Big umbrella"

The Minister of Culture, Franck Riester defends him, the idea of ​​the contest on BFMTV, ensuring that it will not be "Not to do something new to do something new" and paying tribute to "masterpiece" of Viollet-le-Duc. In his turn, he is very inventive when he relays, enthusiastically, a suggestion by the architect Roland Castro to cover the "Big umbrella that will protect" the cathedral of a "Big blue-white-red flag for 14-July" …

Less inspired on the arrow, the left is indignant above all the prolific patronage and partially tax-free billionaires and annoys the presidential injunction on the duration of the work. Benoît Hamon "Admits not understanding this speed race […] if not, the commercial objectives of the 2024 Olympics. " "Let's take the time: the time for a quality reconstruction, respectful of the history of this millenary cathedral", advocates the head of list Generation. His competitor Raphael Glucksmann (PS-Place public), who wants us to restore without "Destroy the soul of Our Lady", also think that "It is not the President of the Republic who will decide the time taken by a construction site". "A beautiful ambition", on the contrary, greets Franck Riester, "A huge challenge" is racing Edouard Philippe. The former Minister of Culture Jack Lang finds him very modest bet Macron and would like to see Notre-Dame brought back in "Three years, three and a half years". Who says better ?

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