Friday, April 26, 2019
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Notre-Dame Cathedral fire: Iconic building in flames

France's iconic Notre Dame cathedral is on fire, according to social media posts from Paris, which show the building shrouded in smoke.

On Twitter, dozens of images were shown shouting smoke from the cathedral. One user said the fire "seems to have started on the scaffolding".

A video posted on social media showed huge clouds of smoke whirling a shadow over Paris, while another video showed flames from the foot of the medieval spire that is undergoing renovations.

A Twitter user claimed that the building "has been set on fire for about 20 minutes … and the fire department can not get close enough to fight it".

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Luke Baker, head of the Reuters office in Paris, described the fire as "a terrible blow to the symbolic heart of the city".

The fire was reported to have been triggered by an accident.

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The Paris police called on people to "avoid the area and facilitate the passage of ambulances".


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