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Notre Dame has not yet received the promised 850 million euros



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The 850 million euros of donations promised for the restoration of the Cathedral of Notre Dame that emerged after the excitement aroused by the fire, have not yet been received by the management foundations of the collections, said Wednesday the Minister of Culture, Frank Riester.

"It is too early to conclude that we have enough or too much money for restoration. There may be a difference between the promises of donation and the payment of donations, "said Riester after visiting the cathedral today, partly demolished and still closed to the public.

The person in charge of Culture reacted thus to the unilateral decision of the Patrimony Foundation, one of the four officials responsible for the collections, that gave by finalized the collection after obtaining 218 million Euros.

"It is premature to make a similar decision. In addition, we do not yet have a figure of what the restoration works will represent. We must remain mobilized, this generosity with the foundations it must continue to ensure that they are sufficient, "said the minister.

In this sense, the Archbishopric of Paris He said in a statement that the figure has not been consolidated by any foundation or authority.

"Although the promises of major donations by well-known patrons that have been publicly compromised are not questioned, most of them have not yet been finalized," the archdiocese insisted.

These promises up 850 million of euros also include the well-known donations of 100 million euros and 200 million euros from the Pinault and Arnault families, owners of the luxury conglomerates Kering and LVMH.

In addition, the minister recalled that the collections of the Fondation de France, the Notre-Dame Foundation and the Historical Monuments Center are open since the night of April 15.

Together with Riester they visited the damaged medieval building, the dean of the cathedral, Patrick Chauvet; the chief architect of the restoration, Philippe Villeneuve, and the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, visiting the French capital.

In parallel, and although the Paris Prosecutor's Office does not rule out any hypothesis, the predominant one is that of accidental fire caused by a short circuit.

A small robot, helped by an arm of recovery of elements and a camera of high definition, looks for signs among the charred remains of the cover, that still lie in the floor of the transept.

At the moment, according to the newspaper "Le Figaro", no remains of hydrocarbons or other types of accelerators that could lead to the thesis of arson have been found.

Giant canvases protect the building from the rains and the preservation of the stained glass windows and the organ has already been assured, as shown by the first video images of its interior, broadcast by the US chain ABC, while architects from around the world broadcast their works. restoration proposals in social networks.

Among the most crazy ideas, a garden with stained glass and even a pool on its roof.


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