Notre-Dame. Vittorio Sgarbi displaces everyone: "The truth about the stake, about what should be investigated"


Fatalism and hope. Vittorio Sgarbi is "hit" but not shocked by the fire that devastated the cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris. Because basically, explains the art critic al National newspaper, "even fires are part of art history" and in any case, unlikeSept. 11 to which it has been compared by evocative force, this event "is reduced to a construction accident without other implications". In short, Sgarbi assures, "the answer lies in the stake. And the spark in the scaffolding of the restorations who raised fire. The Paris prosecutor will not have to struggle to put the events together ".

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Above all, we are not facing an irreparable artistic loss: "Works like Notre Dame are the fruit of centuries of work. They have a centuries-old existence of changes, embellishments, restorations. If we look at the flames of these hours with the meter of history, we understand that nothing is definitively lost. The facade and perimeter are safe. The cruise and the spiers will be rebuilt. Paradoxically, it was one of the most recent parts of the collapse, the result of a restoration in the mid-nineteenth century. "Sgarbi sees positive:" I say that in about ten years everything will be in place. In ten years Notre-Dame will be more beautiful than before ".


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