Nova starts broadcasting weddings of couples who don’t know each other

This time, they will leave the choice of partner to experts who will form a pair of candidates after passing the tests. But couples will see each other for the first time in front of the altar, moreover in front of their loved ones. The camera will monitor their reactions and how the newlyweds will spend their honeymoon and subsequent time in the same household.

Afterwards, the couple decides whether to divorce or stay together.

The show could be characterized as a wedding social experiment. However, when the dating site appeared on the screen, the television did not announce at Thursday’s virtual press conference.

From mid-August, Nova will return to the usual broadcast schedule, although there will be minor changes. The premiere episodes of the Street series will begin on Monday, August 17, and the crime series Specialists from Monday, August 31. The culinary reality show MasterChef Česko will be given space from Tuesday, August 25, and the journalistic show Víkend will return. Wednesday will be dedicated to the Exchange of Wives from August 26, followed by the realities of Little Love.

Soup will moderate

On the 27th of Thursday, the Thursday evenings will begin to belong again to the fifteen-year-long series Surgery in the Rose Garden II. Two parts in a row will be broadcast. Nova intends to dedicate the crime genre to Fridays. The Modrava Police will run, followed by the crime series The Lady and the King.

Saturday evenings will be made more pleasant by the continuation of the singing show Your Face Has a Famous Voice from September 5th. Actor Vladimír Polívka will introduce himself as a moderator, replacing Ondřej Sokol. He will sit on the jury together with actress and singer Eva Burešová and moderator and actor Aleš Háma. Nova blocked autumn Sunday evenings for Czech films, we will see, for example, Špindl II., The Novel for Advanced Students, My Story and Happy New Year. The journalistic Shards is to be broadcast after the film.

Foreign film premieres at Nova will be represented by the action film Rampage: Destroyers, the crime comedy Debbie and her partners or the comedy Night Game and You Have Her !, all films are known to film fans from the HBO broadcast. From the foreign series, the crime film Castle to Kill appears and new episodes of the fourth and fifth series of the Naval Investigation Service series: New Orleans.

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