Novak Djokovic: “I always see myself as the best player in the world”

There are already six trophies ATP Finals what’s wrong with it Novak Djokovic in his collection, the same figure as Roger Federer. After beating Casper Ruud in a hard-fought victory, Djokovic spoke at a press conference about what this title means after a difficult start to the season in Australia, whether or not he has any thoughts about retiring and sharing his experience on tour. also with their children.

Sexta ATP Finals

“I feel a deep satisfaction and, at the same time, a great relief due to the circumstances that I have experienced this year, of course with Australia. That clearly had an effect on my start to the season. In the first months I was trying to find that balance of play, but also on a mental level. It started to happen precisely in Italy, when I won the tournament in Rome. That’s when I started to feel more comfortable playing tennis, being on the court.

The Wimbledon title was extremely important. Afterwards, I only lost in the Paris-Bercy final, I have won the other tournaments. I’ve had an amazing season finale. Indoor tournaments have historically been very successful for me. The fact that it is in Italy makes this trophy even more special”.

Is Djokovic the best tennis player in the world?

“I am not, I am the fifth (laughs). This week it probably is. In general, the classification shows who has had the best year and that is Alcaraz. In my mind I always see myself as the best player in the world, of course. I have that kind of mentality regardless of who is on the other side of the net, surface or season. Ambitions are the highest possible. I feel like that focus got me to where I am at 35 years old, holding one of the biggest trophies in the sport.

I don’t feel like there are any thoughts of stopping or leaving my tennis career anytime soon. I feel motivated, good with my body, I can take care of myself and I have a great team. As long as I feel that way about myself… As long as I feel the love and passion for tennis, I will do everything in my power to challenge the youngsters for the biggest trophies.”

Do you have a finish line?

“I don’t think about how I want to finish my career or when to do it. Right now things are working fine, but you never know what’s going to happen. My children are eight and five years old, they are getting older. Maybe they have different requirements towards me and I have to think about them. I don’t know what the future holds for me, but I know what’s on my mind is a huge hunger to win trophies, to make history of the sport, to compete at the highest level around the world. That is what motivates me to continue there.

ATP Finals with his family

“It has been extremely special for me. I am very grateful to my wife and children for coming. I don’t usually share so many moments on the circuit with them, so I try to enjoy it as much as possible. I have taken my children, particularly my son, to many training sessions, warm-ups and games. It has been very noisy, I must say, I did not expect it. I have been able to listen to him the whole time. Now they are aware of what is happening. They make my life on the track so much easier. They give me serenity to play my best tennis the next day”, explains Nole.