Novak Djokovic: “Like a new start”


“What do you think of your performance? Even if my opponent has made a lot of mistakes, it is good considering the small number of matches that I played for the past twelve months. I miss matches, competition, everyone can see it. In Indian Wells and Miami, after the operation and all that, I was playing below the required level. I had a hard time coping. It was difficult mentally on the court. But on the other hand, it inspired me even more to come back here. I must have rushed back to Indian Wells. But I missed so many matches … But I was not physically ready at this level. And my elbow was still hurting me. There, I do not hurt anymore. When I tried to resume training at the end of last year, after four months without playing, I could not do certain things even during physical training. I could not throw a ball. I could not do movements to the service. I may have been operated on earlier, but generally speaking, I do not like surgical procedures and that’s not what I was advised to do.

Today, we can speak of a Marian Vajda effect? It’s like a new beginning for both of you. He missed me. And I missed him, I think. We both enjoyed the last ten days of training. He knows me better than any coach I’ve ever been with. It is a friend. He is someone with whom I can share many things, on professional or private aspects. He has always been there for me. He knows how to put me back in order. We could not hope for a better start. Everyone knows Marian, he is humble, honest, appreciated by everyone on the circuit. From our first training, I felt safe on the court motivated … What made you part with Andre Agassi and Radek Stepanek? I am grateful to them for wanting to help me. We split up because we felt it was better for everyone. After Indian Wells and Miami, I did not know in which direction I wanted to go. I did not want to leave them in the dark without clear indications of what I wanted to do. What did not work with Agassi? We had no formal commitment, no contract. He honestly tried to help me and give me advice. I learned a lot about life in general. There is nothing personal between us, no bad feeling. “


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