Novak Djokovic took a flight to Serbia and a passenger caught the tennis player without wearing a mask [FOTO] | Tennis | NCZD | FULL-SPORTS

The story ended, but the controversy remains to date. Novak Djokovic left Australia, thus losing the opportunity to defend his title in the Australian Open of the season, after a court authorized the cancellation of his visa and his deportation for not being vaccinated. The number one tennis player in the world arrived in Serbia and was received, to applause, by the fans.

However, to reach his native country, Djokovic had to make a plane flight, in which a passenger managed to capture an image in which ‘Nole’ was sitting in his seat and without a mask.

It should be noted that the image brought various repercussions from users on social networks, since the use of a chinstrap inside an airplane is mandatory.

Hundreds of fans waited for Djokovic at the airport with Serbian flags and banners, one of the fans even told AFP that “Novak is number one for us and for the whole world. Win or lose, we support you.”

(Photo: Twitter)

Djokovic is number 1 in the ATP

‘Nole’ has been number 1 in the ATP ranking for a total of 355 weeks, a record number in world tennis. The first time he took the position was in September 2011 and he took turns with Nadal and Federer. He even then dropped to 22nd in 2018, when he stopped competing due to injury. However, he has held the lead consecutively since February 3, 2020.