November 11 baseball stadium will be closed for turf recovery


He November 11 Abel Leal Díaz baseball stadium will be temporarily closed to practices and competitions to implement a contingency plan for the recovery of natural grass, scheduled by the District Institute of Sports and Recreation -IDER-.

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The closure will begin on Thursday, February 2 and will last until April 30, time during which Bermuda seed sowing, fertilization, fumigation, weeding, and irrigation works will be completed, such as adaptation of the play areas,

It should be remembered that with the recently finished season of the professional baseball league 2022-2023 and with the activities of the Virgen de la Candelaria Cup, the sports scene was subjected to intense days that caused the corresponding wear and tear on the grass and its thorough intervention is necessary to recover it.

Ismael Sánchez, head of IDER’s infrastructure area, explained that the work plan contemplates three phases, the first will take place on two fronts: between February 2 and 15, the soil will be hydrated with continuous irrigation; then (from the 16th to the 28th of the same month) fumigation will be carried out to control ants. The second phase will take place between March 1 and 15, contemplating the burning of weeds with chemical products, and their manual eradication from March 16 to 30.

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During the third and final phase, the most affected areas of the pitch will be covered with new sand; About this Bermuda seed will be planted and its corresponding fertilization with Urea and “Triple 15”. This phase will go 3 between April 1 and 30.