The reunion between Trump and Macron scheduled this Saturday morning at the Elysee are tense. As soon as arrived on the French soil, the president of the United States attacked Friday evening with his counterpart of the Hexagon. "French President Macron has just suggested that Europe has its own armed forces to protect itself from the United States, China and Russia. Very insulting, but perhaps Europe should first pay its fair share to NATO, which the United States is largely subsidizing! Tweeted Donald Trump at the very moment when Air Force One was landing near Paris around 10 pm

We have known more friendly arrival message for a US president on official visit to France. The virulence of this tweet is surprising, even if the relations between the two presidents are rather fresh these last months. Donald Trump and his wife Melania arrived in Paris where they must participate in commemorations of the centenary of the end of the First World War.

The American president had already committed the same kind of anathema with Theresa May, the British prime minister,from an official trip last July.

French President Emmanuel Macron had called on Tuesday for the creation of a "real European army" to better protect the Old Continent, recalling its ambition to give substance to a Europe of Defense struggling to emerge.

Remarks on the eve of the first meeting in Paris of a coalition of nine countries, signatories of the European Intervention Initiative (IEI). This project, launched by France, aims to intensify exchanges between staffs to be able to react quickly and in a coordinated way when needed (conventional military operation, natural disaster, evacuation of nationals …).

"We must have a Europe that defends itself more alone, without depending only on the United States"

"We will not protect the Europeans if we do not decide to have a real European army," pleaded the French president in an interview last Tuesday on the radio Europe 1. "Faced with Russia which is on our borders and which has showed that it could be threatening […] we must have a Europe that defends itself more alone, without depending only on the United States and in a more sovereign way ".

According to Emmanuel Macron, we must "protect ourselves against China, Russia and even the United States", which have just withdrawn from a nuclear disarmament treaty dating back to the 1980s, including President Donald Trump regularly criticizes NATO, to the point of doubting its European allies of the reliability of Washington in case of aggression.

There is currently no supranational European army. The subject, recurrent, remains a minefield because it touches the heart the sovereignty of member states.


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