November payment date

The IFE Universal contemplates aid for 100% of the people who are in the Social Registry of Households (RSH), but it provides exceptions for families with an income of over $ 800 thousand per member.

The IFE Universal, Emergency Family Income, emerged as a response to the economic crisis produced by the covid-19 pandemic. The so-called IFE Universal reaches 8.3 million households and more than 16.6 million people, which is equivalent to more than 4 times the number of households benefited in January 2021.

It was added to the nation’s budget and according to the legal norm it will be canceled for the last time in December of this year.

What is the payment date of the IFE Universal?

The application date for the last payment ended on November 16, and payments will begin to be made from November 30.

What are the amounts?

The amounts delivered by the IFE Universal they are related to the number of members of the family group.

That is, the more people live in the home, the higher the sum of the profit.

  • 1 member: $ 177,000
  • 2 members: $ 287,000
  • 3 members: $ 400,000
  • 4 members: $ 500,000
  • 5 members: $ 546,000
  • 6 members: $ 620,000
  • 7 members: $ 691,000
  • 8 members: $ 759,000
  • 9 members: $ 824,000
  • 10 members or more: $ 887,000

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