Now announces the free live broadcast of the Tokyo Olympics 3 platform, an additional channel dedicated to tracking the Hong Kong team-Hong

On the 4th, the Tokyo Olympics, which has been delayed for a year, will officially open. This year, I believe everyone knows about 3 media and 5 TV stations that will send live events to Hong Kong people for free. Now today also announced the details of the East Olympics live events. I would like to know what to watch? How to look? We must pay attention to the following.

3 The whole platform is free to broadcast

This time, Now will be held on 3 platforms. Within 17 days of the East Olympics (July 23 to August 8), Hong Kong people can use NowTV, Now Player and Now E 3 platforms to use smart TVs, computers, and tablets. Enjoy the live broadcast of 33 competition events on platforms such as computers and smart phones. In addition, Now this year also recruited 30 commentary teams to explain the game, including: Li Deneng, known as the “sports dictionary”, Hong Kong team players Li Zhuoyao (badminton), Ma Yongru (cycling), and Liu Guojian (fencing and fencing). ), Liu Yanen (swimming), etc., together with several professional commentators Leung Yingyu, Yau Yuqin and Rao Jiahui, hope to bring professional commentary on Olympic games to Hong Kong citizens. It is worth mentioning that this year’s live events are all free, so whether you are a Now TV customer or not, you can also use the above 3 platforms to directly hit all events for free.

▲Now will provide Hong Kong citizens with free live broadcast of the Tokyo Olympics through the three platforms of Now TV, Now E and Now Player this year.

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▲This year, Now’s Eastern Olympics commentary lineup is very strong, especially when Li Deneng, who has been invited to comment on sports for many years, is most surprising when some people call it “Sports Dictionary”.

9 channels for free broadcasting + dual channels to cheer for the Hong Kong team

As for the broadcast details, Now TV has opened 9 new channels for the Tokyo Olympics. Among them, Now Sports 604 to 609 are 6 official Olympic channels, which will provide audiences with live broadcasts of various events inside and outside the stadium in English around the clock. Sports 603 is the Olympic news channel, which will also provide Hong Kong audiences with first-hand news of East Olympics 24 hours a day. If you want to support local Hong Kong athletes and cheer for them, you can enjoy Now Sports 601 and 602. These two channels will focus directly on Hong Kong athletes’ events. If you want to cheer for them, or want to beat them to win medals or even gold moments. , Don’t miss it.

▲Now has opened a total of 9 channels from Now Sports 601 to 609 to broadcast live all Eastern Olympic games for Hong Kong citizens.

Receive 14 satellite signals + HD quality live broadcast

As for production, Now TV officially launched the Tokyo Olympic live video recording factory today, and brought the media to visit its main control room and directing room. The TV station of this year’s event also receives local satellite signals and broadcasts them to Hong Kong audiences. Now TV’s recording studio can receive up to 14 satellite signals at the same time to ensure that you will not miss exciting competitions. However, the satellite signals received are only Full HD quality, so everyone could not experience the 4K picture quality to watch the Olympic live broadcast this year. In addition, 3 media and 5 TV stations have also formed an interview team called “Hong Kong Crew”, which will be in Tokyo for Hong Kong audiences directly at various events.

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▲Now the main control room of the recording factory can receive up to 14 satellite signals to ensure that Hong Kong citizens will not miss out on exciting events and winning gold moments.

▲The media also visited the directing studio, where all the programs of Dong Olympic will be combined with all production and live broadcast satellite signals and sent to Hong Kong audiences to enjoy them.

▲The media also visited the main recording factory of Now TV Dong’ao. The design is very beautiful, and the lights of the Olympic rings appear on the table.

▲On the Now TV, Now Player and Now E platforms, Hong Kong citizens can see for free what exciting events will be available in the future, and they can also watch exciting replays of different events on demand.

ViuTV also has free Olympic viewing

In addition to Now TV, it’s worth mentioning that ViuTV, a free-to-play TV station that also belongs to PCCW, also has a free live broadcast of the Olympics. It is said that the station will broadcast the Olympic games to the evening news at 4.99 pm every day, and will reply after the news is broadcast. The Olympics will be broadcast live until the end of the day. As for 96 stations, the East Olympics events will be broadcast live almost all day. In addition, 99 stations and 601 stations will use the same broadcast signal during certain periods. In other words, if you want to enjoy the East Olympics live broadcast on TV, but you are not a Now TV user, this method should be the easiest to enjoy. Directly.

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▲The author refers to the schedule of Viu TV 99. Starting from the first match day on Saturday, the Olympic games will be broadcast live from Monday to Sunday at 4 o’clock to 6 o’clock, and then the East Olympics live broadcast will continue at 6:30. Until 10 pm.

▲As for the 96 English channels of ViuTV, live broadcast of the East Olympic Games will start at 9 am almost until 10 pm, which is basically all-weather direct.