Now “John Wick”: has Ana de Armas found a new action film?

After several postponements, the time had finally come and “James Bond” fans were able to enjoy “No Time to Die”, the 25th film in the mega franchise. For two stars it was even a special joy to see them again, leading actors Daniel Craig and the new Bond girl Anna of Arms, who played the CIA agent Paloma in the film, finally stood together again in front of the camera after “Knives Out”. But while Craig is at least giving up his action career with this appearance, de Armas seems to have tasted blood.

The successful actress is currently in negotiations with those responsible for the “John Wick” offshoot “Ballerina“. The offshoot was announced in 2017 and at that time the management actually wanted the “Kick-Ass” star Chloë Grace Moretz for the main role, but apparently these negotiations have not turned out to be very positive, which is why they have now reoriented and cast an eye on Ana de Armas.

In “Ballerina” she would slip into the role of a young woman who, among other things, was brought up to an assassin with ballet lessons. Her education will now benefit her when she takes revenge on those who wiped out her entire family. At least this was roughly hinted at in “John Wick: Chapter 3”. Whether we in “Ballerina” can also enjoy another appearance by Keanu Reeves and his mentor Angelica huston will come has not yet been revealed, but the industry portal Deadline has at least announced that there is a possibility of a cameo appearance.

Then we want to keep our fingers crossed for Ana de Armas that she gets the role.