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LIVE ticker for the game SCR Altach against RB Salzburg from 5 p.m.

With the first “treble” after almost two months, Altach finally emerged from the crisis, on Saturday Miroslav Klose’s team offers the opportunity for the next liberation. We will report live from the game in the ticker from 5 p.m.

Because in the Schnabelholz, football series champion Salzburg is a guest. And he doesn’t want to show any weaknesses when switching from the Champions League to the Bundesliga and wants to avoid one thing at all costs: falling back to second place in the table behind Sturm Graz.

RB Salzburg sees the duel against Altach as a challenge

The 1-0 win over Dinamo Zagreb on Wednesday makes the “Bulls” dream of another round of 16 promotion, at least the international hibernation is within reach. In the league it was less glamorous with the 1-1 draw against Rapid and LASK, the lead over Sturm Graz melted down to two points – there is a risk of being overtaken by the Styrians (at home against WSG Tirol). “It is a certain challenge that the game against Altach takes place between the two Champions League games against Zagreb,” admitted coach Matthias Jaissle, but also made it clear: “That must not and will not be an excuse. The team has already shown that she can always refocus on the next task.”

In view of the Zagreb second leg on Tuesday, Jaissle’s thoughts revolved not least around personnel rotation. “It will be important that we get the necessary freshness on the pitch – physically, but also mentally. That’s why it’s possible that there will be some changes,” announced the German. One of the “newcomers” could be midfielder Lucas Gourna-Douath, who, at €13m, is the most expensive purchase in Bundesliga history. “We have to be fully focused on this game and not think ahead because we don’t want any unpleasant surprises,” emphasized the 19-year-old, who recently started three times in a row in the league.

Altach wants to build on the sense of achievement

Altach got some breathing room with the 3:2 in the basement derby against SV Ried last weekend, the situation has eased slightly. “The team trained much more freely, they had that lightness again,” reported SCR trainer Miroslav Klose. After the “mandatory win” the “bonus game” is waiting. “In our situation, I would say it’s a bonus,” explained Klose, “but I call it a candy. Every point against Salzburg is a candy.”

The candy is far from over, but Klose thinks it’s quite possible: “If we can take the momentum from Ried, why shouldn’t it be possible to cause a surprise, especially at home?”

LIVE ticker SCR Altach against RB Salzburg

From 5 p.m. we will report live from the Bundesliga game SCR Altach against Red Bull Salzburg in the ticker.