Now member of parliament, François Ruffin wants to be “paid Minimum wage”

Now member of parliament, François Ruffin wants to be “paid at the Smic”

The director of “Thank you boss!”, François Ruffin, elected member of parliament Sunday, in the 1st constituency of the Sum under the label of France insubordinate, assured on Monday that it would pay the legal Minimum wage.

“I made three commitments to the voters”, he explained to the microphone of RTL : “pay me the Minimum wage, then have a mandate revocable, if 25% of registered voters in my constituency want that I release, let me go“. When asked about the destination of the rest of its benefits (7 200 euros in total), he indicated that he would give them “works”.

about the parliamentary reservation (130 000 euros on average), that the draft of the law of moralisation of the public life expects to remove, he warned that if it was kept, it would “manage by a jury drawn at random“.

“They say that I am a specialist of shots media, but first I am a big plodder“, he also warned. Anxious to be “a point of support for all those who want it to change in the country”, he has conceded that a”legitimated in part” a majority elected with a record rate of abstention.

“If you do not find the voice to bring our words to the inside of the national Assembly, if it is a monolithic block, which is progressing with its laws, self-confident, dominant, well, that is outside of the national Assembly that it will be.”

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