Now on offer: “Walking Football” goals at Sport Schäper!

Exercise and sports are very important into old age – this is exactly where “walking football” (walking football / walking football) comes in. This game variant is still relatively young and is not only intended for older athletes, but also for athletes who have health problems with muscles, joints or the cardiovascular system, but want to continue with their passion for football (note: clarify every type of sport in advance with your family doctor).

The most important rule in walking football is: running – whether with or without the ball – is strictly forbidden. Therefore, this sport is also known as “walking football”. Walking football is played on smaller pitches and without a goalie. All information about this form of play at the NFV can be found here.

The goals are also of a special size: Here, goals are played with a height of 1m and a width of 3m. Our partner Sport Schäper has put together a number of different walking football goals in their online shop (click here). Here you have the choice between different models, which differ in terms of quality. Until the end of June, Schäper has special prices for its walking soccer goals on offer – so grab them!

you have questions No problem, Sport Schäper is happy to contact you. Whether by mail or telephone, we will be happy to help you. Phone: 02534-621710/Mail: [email protected]–no-spam–

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