Now … Seren Abdel Nour's husband cuddles their young son Cristiano Ronaldo … Seren Abdel Nour's husband hugs their little son Christiano Al-Wasat Newspaper Khoury Nourat, where we strive to work your newspaper distinguished and always sparkling social networking sites to bring you all events moment by moment, as we care about the latest news "Arab and international", as we also care about the latest Arab issues now … Seren Abdel Nour's husband petting their little son Cristiano, now … Seren Abdel Nour's husband petting their little son Cristiano On the other hand we hope to get everyone's admiration and we wish to admire the project to receive all the grandfather The hands and share of the news on the social networking sites, now … Seren Abdel Nour's husband is fond of their little son Christiano. At the end of the subject we regret any mistake in the content we are in. There is no doubt that we do not get the admiration of all the parties and that it is just news content we collect for you One of the largest international newspapers, to bring you all the news from all over the world as we always promise you to do everything better. And the timely transmission of events from all news sources and facilitate reading them. We hope to get the admiration of all our visitors and support us is the secret of our success and do not forget to follow us on social networking sites to receive all the news at the time of the event. With regards to the family of Al Wasat newspaper website. Source: نورت Author Information Related topics


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