Now the snow comes – then Vienna will also turn white – weather

As of Wednesday, the snow line in the country will drop rapidly. So much so that the first snowflakes will also appear in the federal capital on Friday.

Wednesday often presents itself from its sunny side, most fog fields dissolve in the morning. In the Rhine Valley, locally but also in the southern basin, however, you have to reckon with partly tough high fog. The wind blows moderately from mostly easterly directions, in some valleys north of the main Alpine ridge there is foehn wind from the south. After an often frosty start, the temperatures rise to 1 to 7 degrees, depending on the fog, sun and hair dryer.

On Thursday there is high fog in some areas, and more and more clouds are passing through from the southwest and from the Tyrolean Alpine ridge to the Karawanken, rain sets in towards evening or above 1000 to 1300 m snowfall. The sun shows up from Kaiserwinkl along the northern Alps to the eastern edge of the Alps from time to time in the morning, here it is still foehn here at the beginning. In the eastern flatlands, too, the brisk to strong freshening south-easterly wind can loosen up the high fog. The maximum values: 0 to 9 degrees.

Snowfall also possible in Vienna on Friday

Friday shows its wintry side in the mountains and in the north, from the beginning it snows widely and even in the Danube region at least a few snowflakes fall. From the Klagenfurt Basin to Burgenland and Weinviertel it rains frequently, and in isolated cases freezing rain is possible in the morning. In the afternoon, the precipitation tends to decrease, and in the south and east the snowfall line then sometimes sinks down to low altitudes. Moderate west wind, maximum values ​​-1 to +5 degrees.

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The fresh snow forecast for Friday (as of Tuesday, 12 noon).UBIMET

On Saturday, especially in the south, rain and snow will fall from time to time, in the afternoon the focus will shift to the west. The snowfall line is generally between low altitudes and around 600 m. It remains largely dry to the northeast. It is generally difficult for the sun; it is most likely to show up in the course of the morning when there are briefly slightly foehn conditions along the north side of the Alps. The maximum temperatures are between 0 and +5 degrees.

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