“Now they will have to ask permission to buy a television”

Twitter Jehyson Guzmán, Merideños must ask the governor for permission to buy televisions.

A video went viral on social networks in which the governor of Mérida, Jehyson Guzmán, says that to buy a television they must ask for permission.

This was expressed during a visit to communities in the Antonio Pinto Salinas municipality. Many users shared the video in which Guzmán is seen issuing the commentarywhich generated laughter of disbelief among those who were in the place with him.

“From now on, every time a person buys a new television, they have to ask for permission,” the governor told the people of Merida.

Meridans must ask the governor for permission

Through the social network Twitter, citizens expressed their opinion regarding what was said by the regional president.

One user commented: “Ignore him. ignore it Meridans know him and they know that those statements are a pot of smoke. Continue denouncing the precariousness of public services and the lack of fuel, among others. I repeat, ignore him.”

Another expressed: “Obviously there must be a load study but a television does not affect, what affects is that nobody pays for basic services.”

However, the official had not mentioned the broadcast video, for which there is no version on his part regarding it.

Guzmán won the governorship of Mérida in the November 2021 elections with 40.68% of the vote. Before he was a minister, vice president of the PSUV, protector and deputy, among other positions.

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