Now Tyrol is also tightening the corona measures

Limitations in hospitals

“At present, 82 people with a corona infection have to be treated in our hospitals in Tyrol, 20 of them in intensive care units,” said Tyrolean governor Günther Platter (ÖVP) on Friday and warned: treated Covid patients in our intensive care units. “

For some areas it can therefore no longer be ruled out that routine operations will have to be postponed in the foreseeable future, says Platter.

As far as the tightening in the health sector is concerned, it is made clear that “patients who need (acute) treatment” are excluded from the 2.5 G regulation.

The 2-G rule for night gastronomy announced in Tyrol (and thus also Après-Ski) is planned nationwide in a step-by-step plan in the event that the limit of 300 Covid intensive care patients is exceeded.

This mark is likely to be exceeded in the coming days. On Friday there were 280 corona cases in intensive care units.