now you can find it for less than 10 euros, run to Lidl!

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It is used to measure blood pressure wherever you are, now it costs less than 10 euros and is on offer at Lidl, hurry up!

Prevention is better than cure. A saying that we very often forget but which could save our lives instead. Keep an eye on our health it is the most important commitment that we should all consider.

Measure blood pressure –

Spend time for check our vital parameters, while staying healthy it is still important in order to avoid certain pathologies. In fact, sometimes you suffer from something without even knowing it until you get to unpleasant consequences.

Among the values ​​that we should keep under control there is undoubtedly also that of pressure. An important fact that allows us to prevent or discover some important pathologies such as hypertension or hypotension which could also cause serious consequences. Let’s find out what’s on offer now at Lidl.

To measure blood pressure wherever you are: you can find it at Lidl!

Doctors recommend keeping your health under control. Measuring blood pressure, for example, is one of those things to do regularlyalso because if we are faced with an increase in blood pressure there can be serious consequences up to stroke or heart attack.

To remedy these unpleasant situations we must have a blood pressure gauge, now Lidl has a wrist gauge on offer, a useful tool if you are often away from home but need to constantly monitor the pressure.

We had already illustrated thethe importance of keeping your blood pressure under control,

also because hypertension often does not cause striking symptoms, therefore it is important to keep an eye on it in order not to get cardiovascular complications. The same is true if you suffer from hypotension.

In this case, symptoms including fainting, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, drowsiness, and weakness may be present and it is good to keep the values ​​under control to avoid damage to the heart, brain and other organs in the event that they are unable to receive oxygen at enough.

In this regard, Lidl now has an amazing offer. The wrist blood pressure monitor at an exceptional price. For less than 10 euros, 33% off the original price, you can take home this valuable tool to monitor your health.

Currently the wrist blood pressure monitor costs 9.99 euros instead of 14.99 euros but the offer lasts very little. In fact, it will be possible to buy it at this crazy price only from tomorrow and for the whole weekend. In fact, the offer starts from Friday 20 January to end on Sunday 22 January.

Let’s go find out features of this valuable tool branded Dr. Senst ally of our health.

  • Pulse measurement range: 40-199 bpm (± 5%)
  • Blood pressure measuring range: 30-280 mmHg (± 3 mmHg)
  • Measurements must be performed under medical supervision
  • It is a CE medical device
  • Read the warnings and instructions for use carefully.
  • Authorization dated 7 July 2022

All that remains is to hurry before the offer ends.

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