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Now you can get a price of € 25 for Dominos Pizza for just £ 3.75

Can we get a "devil stuff" for the weekend? If you were not enthusiastic about this at first, you'll surely change your tune if you find out that Domino's Pizza will save you significant Amount of money.

Ordering this great weekend snack can be an expensive affair. But not my friends anymore, because our friends in Quidco have come to save the day. Or at the weekend. In fact, they actually sort us out the whole month.

You can get a Domino Price of $ 25 for the low price of £ 3.75. Credit: Domino

For the rest of March, Quidco has made two offers. A saving of 25% on all orders over £ 25 ($ 33) and the other for new members around £ 15 ($ 20).

Anyone who does not have Rachel Riley's math skills will find that if you order a € 25 domino price (which is not difficult – if you're in doubt, add cookies), you'll get a 25% discount – a total of one Decline of £ 18.75 ($ 25).

If you deduct the cashback bonus of the new members of 15 Smackeroonies, that means you only have to spend £ 3.75 ($ 5). Has anyone said that Hungover Sunday is sorted now? I think they did.

There is a catch and it is not a horror (exceptionally). You only need to log in to Quidco by entering a first name, last name, e-mail address and password. Simple enough, right?

You will be redirected to the Domino website and you will be able to create your order. Just remember that you have to enter the code "25SPRING" to cut off the 25%.

Another catch (there was always something else), as it is a cashback basis – you pay the grand total after the 25 percent have been removed. You will then be charged € 15 to your Quidco account and you will be able to deposit your bank account.

You can also get the £ 15 via PayPal or an Amazon gift card. Anyone who chooses an Amazon gift card should speak a word. Although you can get from there apparently huge packs of cheap toilet rolls.

You will receive the £ 15 cashback after ordering. Credit: PA

The cashback deal is not for existing customers (bad luck), but you can still benefit from the 25 percent discount. Let's be honest, there was probably a reason why you are saving money at all.

Remember – pizza is life. Especially if it is really cheap.



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