NPO Start can now also stream programs before they have come on TV – Image and sound

Perhaps your reaction ‘formally’ is correct, but I do find the tone a bit pedantic. That said, I think @litebyte is mainly referring to the fact that the NPO and the public system simply runs (almost) entirely on taxpayers’ money. The fact that there is its own Board of Directors/Supervision is not really relevant in this regard. He probably feels that if the taxpayers cough up the party in full, they shouldn’t have to pay extra for additional services.

Personally, I understand his reasoning, but I do not (fully) agree with it: Everything the NPO can do to generate extra income has 2 potential benefits:
a) The taxpayer becomes a net smaller payer (little chance, by the way)
b) The quality of the offered goes up (I don’t want to be too sarcastic, so ..)

Since I hardly ever watch TV, I am personally of the opinion that the more than three quarters of a billion is ‘quite a lot of money’ for what is on offer – but it will have a loyal (older?) audience.

As far as I’m concerned, they go to great lengths and reduce the NPO only for the essentials: Independent news and maybe background on the news à la Nieuwsuur and let the rest be done by the RTLx / SBSx brut.