NRK, Anders Magnus | Finished after a number of years in NRK:

Anders Magnus has established himself as a bauta in NRK’s ​​news dissemination for many years. He has now turned 70 and must thus join the state channel.

– NRK is a great workplace, where I have been able to do pretty much everything I have wanted to. I have had many good colleagues, and got more when I returned from the United States. So it is not fun to have to quit, he says to Journalisten.

Magnus, who had his first working day at NRK in 1978, turned 70 in April, and at the turn of the month in May, the employment relationship was over after exceeding NRK’s ​​age limit.

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During his time on national broadcasting, the experienced journalist has worked as a foreign correspondent on three different continents, Africa, Asia and most recently North America and the United States. The latter he came home from last year.

The 70-year-old emphasizes that even though he has now finished NRK, it does not mean that he will start retirement.

– I think I will probably try to invent things in journalism, whether it will be on TV or something more written remains to be seen. I have some projects underway, so we’ll see, he says to the trade magazine.

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