NRL 2020 closed: Coronavirus News, three clubs most at risk during the season break

It’s no secret that the indefinite suspension of the 2020 NRL season will hit the league, and the clubs are pretty tough.

On Tuesday, the NRL informed the 16 clubs that they had a $ 153 million war chest and guaranteed that they would receive all of their next three monthly payments of $ 1.2 million by June 1.

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Three clubs under pressure


According to Fox League Reporter James Hooper, when the NRL opened their books, showed clubs that they had $ 104 million in the bank and $ 49 million in a deferred liability payment from broadcasters.

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However, if the suspension of the league takes longer than three months, there is a fear that not all 16 clubs will make it.

The NRL can be resumed by September 1 at the latest. In the worst case, the season is canceled if the restart is not possible before this date.

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Clubs argue about funding


“It was mentioned by some people at the top that this could be an opportunity to screen a few teams,” said Kent NRL 360.

“There are some clubs that are under threat: Titans are under threat, warriors are under threat, and Manly is under threat. They are the three immediate clubs.”


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The Gold Coast is owned by Rebecca Frizelle and Darryl Kelly, while Manly is owned by the Penn family.

Autex Industries is the sole owner of the Warriors after the Carlaw Heritage Trust’s stake was bought last year.

Kent said it didn’t matter how rich the club owners were.

“I don’t care how rich you are. If you have to put a million dollars in a company every year, you’re getting tired of it,” he said.

Sam has two weeks’ wages


The titan leader, Dennis Watt, said Channel 7 that his club would survive.

“It is an exceptionally resilient club made up of resilient people, as they have shown throughout their history,” said Watt.

“We will respond to it with 16 teams and come out with 16 teams, and there have been no fluctuations in this commitment.”



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